What We Do – YAAY visualizing complexity


YAAY's visualization projects can be split into 12 categories. They show what we mean by visualizing complexity and what possible solution can be expected. The start is always the same, it is data or information.


Consulting & Teaching

YAAY team has gained great problem solving skills – teaching companies the next generation YAAY design thinking approach, as well as enriching their meetings and projects with our creative and innovative input.


Labs & Products

YAAY labs are the playground for self initiated hands-on projects and products we always dreamed about. By lean prototyping and collaboration we create concepts, find partners and test these concepts on the market.


Industry to Academia

YAAY is a learning organization where personal and team reflection leads to new insights and experiences. Due to the close connection to Swiss universities we are learning to analyze and discuss our work on a scientific level.



Data Visualization

Through data visualization numbers are being connected, densified and communicated. Exciting and innovative diagram types are the results of a well-structured analysis. These graphs become accessible and inviting and enable new fact-based insights and decisions.


Meaningful combinations of text passages and graphic elements render the possibility to communicate non statistical information in fluent and creative ways. The fascination of infographics is rooted in the dynamic comparison of different aspects of a broad topic on one single page.

Big Picture

The approach of the big picture is based on the philosophy that complexity can be systematized into one single view. In situations where people need to negotiate, make decisions, conduct workshops or impart knowledge, big-sized printed overviews become a great visual working instrument.


The aim of reports is to create a review and proof. An unconventional and well-wrought design approach towards these documentations increases the probability of them actually being read and understood. Reports can be aesthetically pleasing printed publications or interactive playful digital experiences.

Data Motion Stories

Data Motion Stories combine the power of storytelling, moving images and data. The enrichment of data and information with images, professional speakers and emotional audio can be the right impulse for a viral distribution on the internet and broadcasting networks.

Interaction Design

The engagement of the audience is enhanced through active involvement with content in a digital experience. Interaction design focuses on smarter applications, animated visualization showcases, real-time data, intuitive usability and state-of-the-art multi-platform responsive design.

Icon Design

Icons are visual representations that indicate real objects, actions or stories. They represent a visual system, which contains both a visual grammar and alphabet. Icons are scalable to different sizes for various use cases or are combined to illustrate more complex messages.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is applied when companies want to communicate to their market using data-driven facts, stories and meaningful content. Strategies to achieve viral effects are to combine the power of visualization with the transparent communication of interesting topics.

Analog Tools

Analog tools are the synonym for predefined visual facilitation instruments. When teams have to work on a topic collaboratively, a predefined visual guide can help to drive, structure and focus the discussion into a productive stage. Additionally they can be used to interact with an audience.

Visualizations in Space

Staging data and information in space can enrich experience through physical interaction. Perceiving visualization through multiple senses and multiple dimensions is what makes exhibitions so attractive to people. Why not use the strength of exhibition design for the content?

Data Research

Very often client projects need additional research on data and information. Visualizing content means analyzing the red thread and finding the story. When gaps are identified we take the challenge and go hunting for the data in the right scale and from a trustworthy source.

Brand Extension

Often a company's branding guidelines lack rules for data and information visualization. We systematically analyse the current guidelines and propose a consistent visualization language.

Consulting & Teaching

Labs & Products

Industry to Academia